SUMMER ACADEMY Budapest-Szakácsi-Abaújszolnok-Felsővadász 2017.07.14-29.

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We clearly see the challenges that are taking place in the education of underprivileged children from remote areas. Different that in developed regions, there is a lack of basic human competence. Based on the recognition that stage is an exceptionally effective asset of community building, our core team established new ways of social work through arts and culture (Social Arts Practices –SAP) to work with the disadvantaged youth.
For the 3rd time we are organizing the Summer Academy for Exchange of non-formal Youth Practices which is an educational project, that combines the positive characteristics of pedagogy and adds an innovative layer from the performing arts. The project not only focuses on high quality of theoretical education but also creates an opportunity for field work as part of the programme.
Different activities will be carried out such as workshops, discussions, performances, coaching, evaluations, trainings and field work in three different villages of the Cserehát region where participants will have the opportunity to put their freshly gained skills into practice and work directly with the target group. The project will result in a one day long festival where the prepared performances will be presented together with the works of local musicians and artists. The focus will be shifted from a pedagogical approach to an intercultural one. The content will focus on body-sensing, improvisation, triggering creativity and imagination (of the participants and of the kids they work with), activities that can be played without language or culture barrier, creating plays that are communicating a message also between cultures, or even involve the youngsters and transform their point of view.








Asocacion Raices de Coriander (ES)








Open call for young professionals to join us on “SUMMER ACADEMY”. All the costs are covered by the programme including travel, accomodation and catering.


  • have to be a resident of Serbia, if  nationality is different than you should be able to prove that you have a permanent address/residence permit
  • to be young professional, not yunger then 18 and not older than 30 years
  • to be able to participate in all two weeks
  • to send CV on English  (
  • deadline 14.05.2017.



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